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Courtney Dyer Participants will receive hands-on experience using Seesaw tools to enhance literacy learning. We will talk about digital book clubs, booksnaps, station task cards, app smashing, and more!

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Amy Schutze This session is to illustrate some of the amazing activities happening in makerspace across the district and how you can bring these activities into your instruction for meaningful and engaging learning experiences. This session will help you make curricular connections with the makerspace and encourage you to work more closely with your librarian.

Barbara Holland

Barbara Holland Building a Makerspace to increase student engagement and enhance innovation and problem solving skills.


Edna Strittmatter Students with various learning abilities have a different way of looking at their world. In general, these students take in information in a broad way and details are difficult to remember. Their learning requires active engagement and reflective practices that can be demonstrated through the use of a camera and various apps including Google Keep, Paper 53 and Evernote. Collectively the camera and the productivity/educational apps can be used seamlessly with devices.


Shae Howard Participants will create an Edpuzzle account, find a video, and create an instructional video that students could immediately access.


Holly Donovan Using simple graphics and animations, I'll walk the participants through a google tour which will hopefully make the concepts concrete, including instructional examples of why we would use each feature/tool. If we are given a computer lab, we will have all login and work through some simple tasks.

Leticia Maynard

Leticia Maynard Teachers will experience how the Nearpod tools can enhance a lesson and make content accessible to all students.


Rebecca Johnson Intro Classdojo and all its components via Nearpod then jump into Nearpod keep using Classdojo and it's tools while showing all NEARPOD can do.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 10.43.25 AM

Jeremiah Thomas 10 sets of Google Expeditions headsets, 10 ipads logged into Nearpod, 10 Google glasses for users with Smartphones (30 students at a time is all I can hold.)


Halley Ortiz Basic intro to structured conversations: students need repeated and vaired interactions with content and vocab. No more hands-up: give all students a chance to process and practice before sharing out.

Craig McCarthy

Craig McCarthy Introduce the technology of 3D printing followed by demonstrations. Then show them examples of ways that 3D printers have ben used in education and ways that the presenters themselves have used them successfully. Finally, give the presenters a chance to play with and experience the technology for themselves to raise their level of comfort with this seemingly overwhelming technology.

Lindzi Nicholson

Lindzi Nicholson We will explore fun ways to utilize Google Forms in the classroom. (exit tickets, surveys, quizzes, voting, digital hall pass, and much more)

Paige Collier

Paige Collier Want to create a quick parent newsletter that is easy to update and will save you hours? I’ll show you how and give you time and support to make your first e-newsletter!

Linda Garcia

Linda Garcia Do you find that you have so much to plan with your colleagues but not enough time? Then come join us as we showcase the power of Google Drive and how it can be the "glue" that brings cohesiveness to your campus. This presentation will range from the positive aspects of asynchronous collaboration to the ease and convenience of Google Drive.

Emily Herrin

Emily Herrin We will explore using Google Sites as a tool for organization communication in your classroom, school and/or department.

Ashley Flores

Ashley Flores Participants will be fully immersed in tech PD beginning with a Poll Everywhere that asks attendees what they hope to walk away learning. We will transition to a Thinglink that has three PD paths for them to choose from-Lunch & Learn, Gamified and Flipped. Throughout the process they will be asked to collaborate on a Google Slide presentation outlining what they’ve learned, action steps and date of completion.

Ann DeBolt

Ann DeBolt Chromebooks have become the best selling device for K-12, but what can you do with a Chromebook? Come learn how this powerful tool can transform instruction.

Aléjandro Gongóra

Aléjandro Gongóra Time is critical so how can we maximize it when you physically cannot be everywhere at once? Join me for a practical session on how to utilize Google Hangout to conduct meetings, coach, collaborate, and communicate!

Tracy Mulligan

Tracy Mulligan We showcase video of the model in action, demonstrate tools we used for content and data gathering, Illustrate our planning/reflection/iterate process. Teachers will finally login to a classroom and work independently as a student to experience the learning process. We will solicit student tutors to help them.

Michael Snead

Michael Snead Quizlet is changing students' lives. Some have never had success on exams until this year. They know what to study, how to study, and they are retaining the information. It makes teaching easier.

Caitlin Boyce-Brejcha

Caitlin Boyce-Brejcha We will showcase sentence stems and higher order questions that we used in our classrooms. Student samples will also be shared. Participants will have an opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas.

Mandy Taylor

Mandy Taylor We will explore how to combine reading TEKS (including Figure 19) with engaging experiences that will allow our students and teachers to communicate their understanding to a wide audience. We will explore the #BookSnaps hashtag and learn a few ways to create them, including SnapChat, Skitch, and others.

Jessica Klingsick

Jessica Klingsick Genius Hour is a great way to get students engaged in learned and allows them to drive their education! But in an elementary classroom, where does this fit in? I will show you how I use Genius Hour as one of my literacy stations. How I got started, examples of student projects will be showcased, resources for teachers and students to use, and some tricks for teachers who are already using Genius Hour in their classrooms will all be included in this session.

Caleb Hudgens

Caleb Hudgens T-TESS dimensions lend themselves to technology being a key component of an accomplished and distinguished educator. We'll lightly unpack the new standards and match them to tech tools.

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