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Forwarding Hays Gmail Email to your First Class Email

Linking files from Google to your Email Instead of Attaching

Connecting to Hays CISD Wireless Network

Enabling Restrictions on iPads

Enabling iPad Passcode Lock

for iOS 8

Installing Airwatch on iPads

Creating an Apple ID without a Credit Card

Commenting in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Google Classroom Tutorial

(originally for the Google Apps Eduphoria Course)

90 Seconds with Google: 

Signing In

90 Seconds with Google: 

Mail Basics

90 Seconds with Google: 

Forwarding Hays Gmail to Outlook

90 Seconds with Google: 

Google Drive Basics #1

Information Technology Tutorials

                                                                               by Chris Morelock

Miscellaneous Tutorials

Workflow Tutorials

 by Tracy Mulligan

Workflow in 90 Seconds:
Setting up an Account in YouTube

Workflow in 90 Seconds:
Sharing from students to teacher with no email

Worfklow in 90 Seconds:
Youtube blocked? Share to students with Vimeo.

Workflow in 90 Seconds:
Turn in student work with Google Forms

Launching Mirror360 

Learn how to wirelessly mirror your iPad

How to change your photo on your desktop Outlook

iPad Stand Tutorial - Justand V2e

Learn the basics of how to use your iPad stand.

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